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Now my dear children let's start the tale,
And cause I so much love you u better be aware,
The laughing man story is not a fairy tale,
The ones with weak hearts better not to hear,
The laughing man story is what I am going to share,
Come close my children let's begin the tale,

In a far far land we don't speak the name,
A little boy was born for a happy sweet pair,
But life most of the time is not generously fair,
The small little boy won't stop his awful creepy glare,
The boy now grown to be a son of a year,
But how hard his parents tried his smile was never to appear,

Till one night the child started laughing,
His parents rushed to him stood near panting,
Watching with amusement his laugh was close to chanting,

Excited with the laughter they didn't see the smoke,
It was coming slowly slithering turning into fog,
The father gave a cough and wonder about the smell,
The mother gave a shriek and thought "OH MY, the candle it fell?"
The family was standing looking very sad,
The house was burning and soon will turn to ash,
No longer sounded amusing the child continued to laugh

Years ran quickly  and the child now grown up,
His childhood was not easy always treated like a lump,
His laughs were cursed even he was sure,
He once tried to smile and a man fell into manure,

He hated himself and everyone in town,
Till a new girl swiftly appeared with long hair shimmering in brown,
The girl heard the stories and answered with a yawn,
She was now friend with the cursed boy, who replied with a frown
Look at me she always said am dancing am singing am acting like a clown,
But the boy never laughed and she would always give a growl,

Not long lasting the boy had a family of his own,
The girl truly loved him and a little cute one was born,
His daughter was pretty and her normal smile always glow,
But the man took an oath his smile and laugh will never ever show,

But life being not fair it gave but also took,
In one sad morning an old bunch of workers where sharing a very witty joke,
But they  didn't seem to notice the man resting behind the big old oak,
The man had heard them and couldn't manage to stop,
He laughed as a maniac and clapped his mouth in shock,
Horror filled his heart he started to run,
Afraid for his beloved ones, afraid of what he might found,

Loads of people where standing at the tip of the hill,
Some were crying ,some were screaming, and some were cursing in name of hell
The horse went crazy because of the heat,
It jumped with wagon and every one perished,
A woman and a daughter were hugging till the end,
it is very hard to say; I don't want to, but everyone is dead,

he did not want to admit it but the curse did it again,
long it took his parents but he was too young to blame,
his loved ones were gone away and  no one did remain ,

the curse was mine it was given  to me,
he stopped his sobbing ,he stopped his crying and smiled with evil scary glee
he ran back home and brought back a knife,
Always waiting for a victim in the middle of the night,
now every time he laughs someone will be dead ,
curse or no curse he no longer gave a shit,
the laughing man did die but his laughter long lasting lived,
Every killer, every bandit was partially cursed,
Waiting in darkness like the laughing man once did,
Waiting for victims and blood to be shed,
The damned laughter's echo was never to fade,
the laughing man promised  and this time the promise did remain.

Yasmeen Abdel Rahim Al-Maimani
don knw why...jus wrote it :)
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LeoWolvesbane Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wow that is quiet an amazing story. You are truly talented.
Yami-Tamashi Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
thank you :) i appreciate it :)))
PastelStainedNails Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thos is amazing!
Yami-Tamashi Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
thank you, glad you like it (^^)
raikazan Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
Damn !! .. that's really good xD .. Sick .. But it was really awesome xD
Yami-Tamashi Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
muhahahahahahaha :P
thanks man :D
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